Terms & Conditions

  • Please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions. These relate directly to the usage of the MoveJobs website, and by using our website, you accept these terms and conditions automatically. If you are unable to adhere to our terms and conditions, then you are politely asked to refrain from using our website.
  • MoveJobs is a job portal which acts as an intermediary between job seekers from international nations and Skilled Worker Visa sponsoring Companies along with the companies willing to acquire a license to sponsor Skilled Worker Visa in the UK, who offer job opportunities.
  • We do not provide individuals with jobs ourselves. At no point, individuals are to assume that they will be working for MoveJobs unless mentioned otherwise specifically.
  • MoveJobs provides online training (on selected packages) explaining skills required to work in the UK, immigration process details, sponsorship and application of Skilled Worker Visa process. This is the limit of our assistance in the case of the Skilled Worker Visa process.
  • In any case, individuals are not to assume that we provide Skilled Worker Visas or sponsor them.
  • The hiring Companies are the sponsors of Skilled Worker Visas while the UK Government offers the Skilled Worker Visas for the selected applicants only.
  • We only charge on our packages deals (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Basic, Standard, Premium) if individuals select them. Otherwise, we have no charges whatsoever.
  • We do not ask money on the phone or through emails or mails. We advise individuals to be aware of fraudsters or pranksters asking for money on behalf of MoveJobs and not to entertain them in any manner.
  • We do not refund any fees that we charged on packages selected by the users. We have nothing to do with any other fees taken by fraudsters imposing as MoveJobs. Hence, we shall not be held responsible for the same.
  • It is up to our own will that we make the MoveJobs website visible/not visible to a particular geographic location. Any location which previously had access to our website can be withdrawn at the time of our will and understanding. We are under no obligation to provide individuals with information, explanation or any such material that justifies our decisions.
  • Misuse/duplication/imitation of our website or falsely benefitting from our website with/without our knowledge will lead to legal complications. So individuals are advised to refrain from all of the behaviours mentioned above.
  • MoveJobs team may amend the terms and conditions as and when required. Users are hence asked to check this page now and then to remain updated with our terms.