Frequently Asked Questions

Movejobs is a collaborative employment search engine in the UK for both employers and job seekers. Employers can advertise their job here. Students and professionals who are looking to work in the UK, can use this platform to access those jobs.

Skilled Worker (PBS) visa sponsorship is a general visa for foreigners who want to work in the UK. To get this visa, the employees must get a sponsorship certificate from the UK employer. Movejobs hosts those Companies on its site who have a license and the ones willing to acquire a license to sponsor Skilled Worker (PBS) visa certificates.

Immigration advisor is a consultant who helps job seekers get accustomed to immigration rules and regulations before they decide to move to the UK for professional reasons.

Skilled Worker (PBS) visa is sponsored by the hiring employer. Movejobs is not responsible for visas and only hosts the companies which have the licence and the companies willing to acquire license to sponsor Skilled Worker (PBS) visa.

Using a Skilled Worker (PBS) visa, employees can stay and work in the UK for a maximum of three years.

Yes. However, it is up to the employer. So employees must request their employers to sponsor their visa extension.

Absolutely! We want the UK employers also to know the rules regarding immigration. Sometimes, if there are any changes made in the rules by Government, Movejobs partnered Immigration advisors will inform them. Make sure to choose Pro-Package to use this service.

No. For individuals to get a Skilled Worker (PBS) visa, employer sponsorship is a must. However, this is subject to change with respect to changes in UKVI rules.

If you’re a foreign graduate or a professional looking for a job in the UK, you can use the website to search for a job based on your education and skills.

Yes. Movejobs currently focuses on job placements throughout the UK only.

Permanent Residence (PR) can be applied only after five years of service in the UK based on Skilled Worker (PBS) visa.

If you’re in your final semester of graduation and want to begin your career immediately after graduation, you can start applying for the job on Movejobs. The process of finding a job, taking up an interview, going through immigration rules and such other formalities usually take a few months' time. So it is better to apply beforehand.

Individuals can apply for a Skilled Worker (PBS) visa 3 months before they begin the work in the UK. To make it easier for individuals, the exact date is also mentioned on the sponsorship certificate as to when they can apply.

For the candidates applying from outside of the UK, it generally takes three weeks to know their visa status.

Movejobs covers all the major sectors Companies such as IT, Medical, Catering, Automobiles and Management.

Movejobs only hosts companies which have the license to sponsor Skilled Worker (PBS) visas or willing to acquire a license to sponsor Skilled Worker (PBS) visas . This means any job not listed in the Skilled Worker (PBS) occupation list of Code Practise for Skilled workers in the UK won't be hosted by Movejobs.